The plane of trickery and eternal conflict.

Tirfania is home to a select few demons(33 in number at all times). Demons that fight for power among themselves. They are all devoted to the Elder and do not participate in the blood war. The other denizens of Tirfania are hard to estimate as the plane shifts in irregular intervals and changes form, many times banishing it’s denizens to other planes.

Every corner of Tirfania is prone to change and thus there is no way to navigate through it safely. Even at the event that some sense is made for a while one can never know if what they experience here is no more than an illusion or trick.

The pointless struggle for power at the seat of Elder(it is fabled to be situated here but the deity himself is ever absent) calls to the devils and demons that come to take over the seat and reap the benefits.

Even at this impossible situation the tricksters that live here and the battle-sheep somehow survive.


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