The Dominators

Legion III

The Tyrants are the Cavalry of the Devil army. Their numbers are limited and they are the most feared of all legions. These large and huge Devils ride green dragons and hold lances, long spears and bastard swords. They wear either greensteel breastplates or full plates.

The smallest strike force is the Protelum and it consists of three devils and their steeds. The Protelum is led by a major.


Vexillum (banner)
Bellum pars (war party)
Protelum (small team)

Every three Protelum there is a corporal commanding the Bellum pars and that is the standard war party.
Three war parties consist a Banner also called a Vexillum and its Sergeant commands it.
Three banners make a Cohort and the commanding officer is the commander.
And lastly the three cohorts make up the legion controled by the Legate.

The Dominators

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