Legion II The Magi

The Imps are the spellcasters of the Devil army. They are small and tiny in size but there are some that are medium and very few that are large in size.
This legion is divided in two divisions with two Legates under the command of the Legatus Legionis.

The first division consist of arcane magic users and they have the nickname blasters. Their Legate is Kharverius the red.

The second division consists of divine spellcasters. This division has many nicknames as they are called to support, heal, defend other legions and headquarters as well as in some cases attack in the front lines or provide other services. Their Legate is Mhordeus the green.

This versatile Legion comes in last in the fights because their power is great but not lasting. The Legatus Legionis is the Devil General Farthus.


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