Trickery is one of the most known Avatars of the Elder. The other one is Madness. Trickery appeared many times before the coming of the gods and many times after. Her manifestations where mostly incorporeal and most of the time she was not recognized until a very long time had passed and the events had settled.

Some mysterious events set in motion several decades ago forced the manifestation of this Avatar in physical form in the Prime material plane. This, etonian scholars claim, triggered the plane-time paradox known as the super-avatar condition. This theory explains how or why the avatars of very powerful deities do not entirely manifest in the prime material plane.

In this case the super-avatar condition forced Trickery to split into four personalities and between three planes.

the Shadow of Trickery (aka Pondir Thurukash, the prime material plane)
the Essence of Trickery (aka Mania Molnia, the prime material plane)
the Mouth of Trickery (aka the demon Belial, Pugnae)
the Touch of Trickery (aka the demon Sulatra, Tirfania)

As a last part of the division that was caused by the plane-time paradox a Catalyst was formed. Something that changes with time and can merge the different personalities into a more powerful one. The location, essence and form of the catalyst are but a matter of further speculation.


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