Shadow of Trickery

Pondir Thurukash, the mortal manifestation of the Shadow of Trickery. He is a good man with ill repute. His story is that of a Newcomer, more of less. He came to be near Saor a few decades ago and as he braved the Death swamp, for the recovery of a lost tome of magic, He was struck by a shadow and since then a streak of bad luck has befell on his companions.

He occasionally takes a different demeanor where information literally spills from his mouth. But he appears to be unaware of what or why he is saying at the time. This granted him the title Shadow of Trickery by a scholar, suggesting that he is the alter-ego of the Essence of Trickery.

The assumption is such. A powerful deity sent one of his avatars to take form on the material plane. In this case the Deity is the Elder and the Avatar is Trickery herself. This causes a plane-time paradox. Unable to take any physical form, that would not take the prime apart, the Avatar is forced to manifest at a lesser power.

This is called the super-avatar condition. So, the nature of the manifestation and the chaotic nature of the origin plane and outsider caused the Avatar to split into several personalities.

Shadow of Trickery

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