Shaordithkhala-trash city-city of chaos

Saor is the short for the place and the most common nickname is the den.

It is quite difficult to estimate inhabitants. They range from two hundred thousand in the winter to three million during late spring till midsummer.

There are several clusters of buildings (actual buildings made of stone wood and well fortified) usually around temples. Inns and taverns are usually large tents. There are a few that sprawl underground and thus less prone to burning down. but during the showers of the fall and the early spring rains some levels tend to flood.

The city has three distinct layers. The ground level. It is what most adventurers see. Filthy, hard to tread, crawling with people.
The sky level. Where mostly magic users fly through. Most buildings are small flying and invisible. Some have teleportation devices on the ground level.
Lastly it is the vast underground level. Dwarves, rock gnomes, trolls, kobolds, troglodytes and all sorts of underground loving beings lurk there. The deeper you get, and closer to the winter, more water you meet. If you dive in there you will notice that there is actually a fourth level the flooded tunnels. There Sahuagin, Aboleth, Oozes and other water-breathing creatures call home(some that may not breathe at all included).


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