House Fe'Druulh

House Fe’Druulh.
House insignia/Banner: A winged humanoid form holding a snake on one hand and a sword in another
Quote: “Potentia ex est infirmus. Potestate multa intrepidus.”(The power of one is inferior. The power of many is unsurpassed)[Usually quoted in infernal]
Centred : In Shaordith’khala Merdiff, Etonis Zinadin, Fenn’ahnvaenamor

House Fe’Druulh and all it’s branches are known for providing services to those who can pay them or keep a deal.

The house was founded by Garmoth Fe’Druul who travelled to Saor and started up his empire. He married as many women as he could and for the next twenty years Garmoth’s empire grew as did the Dynasty of House Fe’Druulh. Although not a particulary lawful man himself he constructed a strict hierarchy in the house and a complete set of laws. At the end of the second decade House Fe’Druulh counted one hundred and five children of Garmoth and sixty four grandchildren. Garmoth was a human but his progeny ranged from half-elves, half-orcs and fey to planetouched. Even a small number of mules that where mainly gnome-kin, dwarf-kin and very few halfling-kin.

The fertile females are called Mothers and the fertile males are called Fathers. The Head of the house in every continent is called Patriarch or Matriarch. The lowest ranking members are called Minions. The last rank is the Vain for members who cannot procreate.

This is the ranking of members.
*Great Father(Patriarch of Merdif branch)[Nham-Kho Fe’Druulh)
*Patriarch-Matriarch (Zinadin Branch House Drul. Elven branch House Druelth)[Penthios Patriarch of house Drul. Saymiith Matriarch of house Druelth)
*Lord-Lady (Father-Mother of many)
*Master (proven keeper)
*Keeper (father-mother of many)
*Father-Mother(proven member that has provided with progeny)
*Sentinel(proven member)
*Minion(progeny of house Fe’Druulh)
*Drone-Worker(barren they have achieved the highest rank for a barren member)

House Fe'Druulh

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