A peculiar manifestation of the Dreamscape. This World of dreams coexists at the same time at mind of the dreamer and in the dreamscape. What scholars believe to be the case is that Evanis is nothing more than a collection of demiplanes created by the dreams of mortals that pop up and burst like bubbles all the time.

Other scholars claim that Evanis is an entity that lived in the astral plane and was forced to sleep by the sentinels and that his dreams are what mortals see as Nightmares.

What the religion of the Knight of Chaos claims is that Evanis is like a shadow that falls over all planes and one cannot reach it but only when they are seeing a Nightmare.

The plane of Nightmares is mostly a chaotic plane and when manifested in the mind of one it hides it’s true colors, mimicking his lesser fears and creating a patchwork world from his memories. When manifested by more and more people the face of Nightmares very, very different.


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