Etonis is the capital city of the Kingdom of Etonis and prime metropolis of the Zinadin continent. It’s story goes back to the fabled “coming of the gods” when as legends have it Eternos himself founded the city and built the inner wall and part of the castle.

The kingdom in itself is a Theocrasy as only those with a bloodline that goes back into the founding three of the city can rule. The King should be a descendant of Eternos and as such he is worshiped only second to his forefather.

Etonis holds many libraries. Three are around the castle and belong to the home for young lords. The last one is in the castle itself and access is granted only on the ground level and sometimes first floor.

The most frustrating fact about Etonis for the unwary traveler is the amount of laws and regulations that reign over it as are the chaotic implications of bureaucracy. The Law is everything in the streets of the city and the inner core.

When it comes to the slums though the guard can do little as everyday the face of every neighborhood may change to the whims of the citizens. Every year an operation sweeping over the slums fashionably named the “cleansing” clears out all property raised without permission and puts into jail all lawbreakers they can find. In less than a month though the slums return to their chaotic structure once again.


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