Essence of Trickery

Mania Molnia, an Ille’fey half-blood. She has wings and the shining appearance of a high elf, but she is a cold calculating person. She is said to still reside in Fellfoes even after the fateful night of her change, or her ascension as she likes to call it.

She is known as a merchant of magical antiquity and curiosity. But that is all that is known of her. The story about her change comes from many different sources and is different every time you hear it.

One of the most usual explains how one of her magical treasures backfired on a identification spell and changed her.

Another about how she found a glowing talking trinket that zapped her with it’s magic and consumed her previous character.

Some even contain a story about some ritual or quest in the lower planes.

There is a man who some scholars claim that is her alter-ego named the Shadow of Trickery. So they both are the manifestation of the being known as Trickery forced into many forms by a magical mishap.

Essence of Trickery

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