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  • House Meneth

    House Meneth AL: CE House insignia/banner: A red dragon viewed sideways breathing fire. Quote:"Devorabit. Si non, subicite. Si non, perdere."(Devour, if not, subdue. If not, destroy.)[Draconic] Centred: Nomiah, Iriem(eastern human kingdoms, desert) …

  • House Elirmiel

    House Elirmiel. (swift retribution) AL:Any Chaotic House insignia/Banner: A snapped thigh bone. Quote: "Qui iniuriam tibi confringet ossa.","Comminuet ossa eorum qui te laeserit."(Break the bones of those who wronged you)[Elven] Centred:[[Redmoon]] …

  • House Mirylth

    House Mirylth. (the shining ones) AL: Mostly Chaotic House insignia/Banner: A winged elven maid with a longsword in hand, her head glowing Quote:"Lux solis super nos."(the light shines down on us alone)[Sylvan] Centred:[[Sylvermoon]] Merdiff, [[Etonis …

  • House Dundallys

    House of Tyrien Dundallys. AL: TN House insignia/Banner: A simple grey eye. Quote:"Videre est scire. Scire est ad esse. Ad esse est benedictionem."(To see is to know. To know is to be. To be is a blessing.) "Aequinoctium vitae, virtutum omnium …

  • House Fe'Druulh

    House Fe'Druulh. AL LE House insignia/Banner: A winged humanoid form holding a snake on one hand and a sword in another Quote: "Potentia ex est infirmus. Potestate multa intrepidus."(The power of one is inferior. The power of many is unsurpassed)[ …

  • House Avyryl

    AL: CE 
House insignia/banner: A red fish with it's open mouth closing on a smaller one 
Quote: The big fish eat the small 
Centred: Redmoon Merdiff Story: House Avyryl is the second strongest house in [[Redmoon]] and it has managed to marry a …

  • House Dyakkyn

    AL: NE 
House insignia/banner: Two black crossed daggers over a red crescent moon 
Quote:"Nos regnare super omnes."(We shall reign above all.) 
Centred: Redmoon Merdiff Story: House Dyakkyn is the strongest Red-scale elven house in [[Redmoon]]. They …

  • House Avrimiel

    AL: Mostly Evil 
House insignia/banner: A red humanoid serpent holding a spear that ends in a crescent moon blade 
Quote: "Tolle quod est iure vestrum."(Take what is rightfully yours.) 
Centred: [[Redmoon]] Merdiff Story: One of the lesser houses in …

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