The knight with no honor pt I

Sometimes its good to be bad

Nyquist after the request of the party (and an apparent misdemeanor on their behalf), joined the religion of the Knight of Chaos or as his own followers call him Xe’o’Xaos. Now with a new best friend (a scrape knight fledging to be the champion of the King of Nightmares) asked the party to clear a cave, a temple to be, for the religion. There the party found a riddle with a book, a scroll on a pedestal, a gem and the adamantine superhuman-sized statue of a man with a greatsword.

As time races for the bet, Nyquist claims that their job might open a window of opportunity against the Devils. Now the adventurers are pointed at two locations. Etonis for knowledge and the infernal isle to talk with the scribe.



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