Filler, thriller nights.

We should inform you that the die are cast

As the church of Nightmares is finished a new nation rises in the North and a unprecedented corruption spreads in the orc territory controlled by house Ogrum-ha. They where directed by the church to dispose of a priestess kidnapped and they succeeded. But, as they where instructed to assist the druidic circle there and dispose of the blood mages responsible for this. The found the task overwhelming and as they lost Sylvanas to the corruption they retreated.

As the Mages Guilds and several other organizations insist that the portals are dangerous. The Church of the Elder offers transport around the continents for five silver per head.

A series of strange deaths is shaking Etonis but as they suspect a powerful wizard, some clues lead the adventurers to a different story.

Now they believe the planes are converging and the main catalyst appears to be the plane of Nightmares Evanis.

They are given a mission in defense of the Church. To destroy Enagryn the Paladin of Entla and rescue Adogeon a fighter devoted to the belief.

Now they are directed to find the Shadow of Trickery the essense of a being that took mortal form and now lives near the Death swamp. He is told that he knows where Elthar and Sylpher lie. Two of the eight primal vampires that assisted in ending the age of dragons.



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