Enter Sylvermoon

City of Elves

Sylvermoon stands on the southern-most part of Merdiff. It is the third biggest port in the continent. A city with little trading interest as it is run by those descendants of the elven House Mirylth (the shining ones). The city guard are scarce and the outskirts are filled with noble houses that have little protection. Recently House Meneth of the Iriem continent has sent three ambassadors. They are of half-elven blood and one appears to be full-blooded elf. House Meneth due to their cruel standing and past have been accused of the murder of several lesser members of House Mirylth and House Elirmiel.

The party members have assasinated Thernalos Amarillis of House Mirylth, a noble married into the house for his possession of a necklace in need by the forest gnomes and dwarves.

In their second walk through the city they raised havoc around the smiling boar tavern where two tieflings with three accomplices where planning a burglary and assasination to an elf of House Elirmiel. They where to steal a relic and deliver it to the Red eye.



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