Filler, thriller nights.
We should inform you that the die are cast

As the church of Nightmares is finished a new nation rises in the North and a unprecedented corruption spreads in the orc territory controlled by house Ogrum-ha. They where directed by the church to dispose of a priestess kidnapped and they succeeded. But, as they where instructed to assist the druidic circle there and dispose of the blood mages responsible for this. The found the task overwhelming and as they lost Sylvanas to the corruption they retreated.

As the Mages Guilds and several other organizations insist that the portals are dangerous. The Church of the Elder offers transport around the continents for five silver per head.

A series of strange deaths is shaking Etonis but as they suspect a powerful wizard, some clues lead the adventurers to a different story.

Now they believe the planes are converging and the main catalyst appears to be the plane of Nightmares Evanis.

They are given a mission in defense of the Church. To destroy Enagryn the Paladin of Entla and rescue Adogeon a fighter devoted to the belief.

Now they are directed to find the Shadow of Trickery the essense of a being that took mortal form and now lives near the Death swamp. He is told that he knows where Elthar and Sylpher lie. Two of the eight primal vampires that assisted in ending the age of dragons.

The knight with no honor pt I
Sometimes its good to be bad

Nyquist after the request of the party (and an apparent misdemeanor on their behalf), joined the religion of the Knight of Chaos or as his own followers call him Xe’o’Xaos. Now with a new best friend (a scrape knight fledging to be the champion of the King of Nightmares) asked the party to clear a cave, a temple to be, for the religion. There the party found a riddle with a book, a scroll on a pedestal, a gem and the adamantine superhuman-sized statue of a man with a greatsword.

As time races for the bet, Nyquist claims that their job might open a window of opportunity against the Devils. Now the adventurers are pointed at two locations. Etonis for knowledge and the infernal isle to talk with the scribe.

A bet long forgotten
The threat is upon you now!
Asking for information the party hears of an old tale of how the Elder made a bet with Lord Khuchar a long dead god, father of the devil army. The deal was thus. If a mortal torn between two worlds would attempt to activate a portal of the Elder a game would start. An island with a scribe and a portal would appear. The portal would summon monsters from the infernal planes in a sequence and the scribe would be the judge of the game. The mortals would either have to destroy the portal thus ending the game for the side of the Elder. Meaning his portals would work. Or the Devils would reach the second Island that is in a secret location and destroy the heartstone there. If they succeed then all portals will open at the Devil’s will and Shekal will fall to the Devils.

There should be a book about the lore of the bet. But where?

Portals active
Don't mess with the lunatics.

As the red portal stone is struck the final blow a multicolored light fills the area, a thundering tremor rises from the underground as jets of air and water spring all around. The island begins to sink and the image of a bronze-skinned halfling appears before the party. “Well done, now lets get out of here!”

The following days news of the portal stones being activated and keepers talking up place all around Shekal is heard.

Halfling, I'm home!
Returning to Zinadin has never been so fun.

After the party teleports to the village Pettyville on the westernmost part of Zinadin, northwest of the halfling federation and they all meet. They come across the news.

A new island has risen in the sea west of Zinadin, all traffic passing there and to the north has ceased as a whirlpool sucks the ships and crashes them to the shore. Moreover as the ships passing to the east have increased in number piracy has taken a new height.

News of the portal stones, placed by the followers of the Elder centuries ago, being activated are heard throughout the realm. They all wait for a portal keeper to be assigned to each one and operate it.

Mean while the local city Majoria welcomes the heroes of Nilmaria and the slayers of Ghurimon back.

Introduction to Redmoon.
This city only scratches the surface.

Redmoon is located east of Sylvermoon the city took it’s name from the second moon in the sky and was founded at the day the moon was at it’s vista (and Teril the silver moon did not shine) some two thousand years ago by red-scale elves who came from the island complex to the south of Merdiff.
The entire area reeks of evil, most temples and noble houses have a persistent Unhallow cast on them. Some shadow guards are before the town hall and blackguards are the favored guard of the city.
Some elven houses are here and because the aura of the city is so overwhelmingly evil the security is very tight. Some of the most notable are: House Elirmiel, House Avyryl, House Avrimiel and House Dyakkyn.

Enter Sylvermoon
City of Elves

Sylvermoon stands on the southern-most part of Merdiff. It is the third biggest port in the continent. A city with little trading interest as it is run by those descendants of the elven House Mirylth (the shining ones). The city guard are scarce and the outskirts are filled with noble houses that have little protection. Recently House Meneth of the Iriem continent has sent three ambassadors. They are of half-elven blood and one appears to be full-blooded elf. House Meneth due to their cruel standing and past have been accused of the murder of several lesser members of House Mirylth and House Elirmiel.

The party members have assasinated Thernalos Amarillis of House Mirylth, a noble married into the house for his possession of a necklace in need by the forest gnomes and dwarves.

In their second walk through the city they raised havoc around the smiling boar tavern where two tieflings with three accomplices where planning a burglary and assasination to an elf of House Elirmiel. They where to steal a relic and deliver it to the Red eye.


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