Welcome to Merdiff the biggest continent in Shekal. Just east of Zinadin and the host of the world famous trash-city Saor the city of chaos. Merdiff is also known as the home of some major elf, dwarf and gnome subraces.

Some other places of note are Khartesh, the Death swamp, Sylvermoon, Nom desert, the Jagged river, the wave crushers and Nar the oasis.

Some noble houses of note are:
Elven House Mirylth, House Elirmiel, House Avyryl, House Dyakkyn, House Avrimiel and new to this continent House Meneth.

Gnome [[House Al’Ahbethl]]

Dwarf House Stonehammer, House Thunderborn

Other House Dundallys, House Fe’Druulh

Other continents are Zinadin (where the former human kingdom of Etonis rages war with the Orcs to the North and the Goblins to the South), Iriem (also known as the lands of fire)
and the mysterious Northwest continent known simply as the Monster Lands


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